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Capital Protected Investments

A secure capital investment, also known as a tracker bond or structured deposit, is an investment that guarantees the return of 100% of your capital or a percentage of it e.g. 90% after a set period of time e.g. 5 years. Essentially, these bonds secure your capital by placing an amount on deposit, with the balance being used to track an index. If the index your bond is tracking increases or meet the criteria set at the outset, you will receive a premium. If it decreases you will receive your original guaranteed sum back.

Capital protected investments are suitable to investors who do not wish to risk any of their capital and who are looking for an investment with the potential to give better returns than deposit rates.

Capital Protected Investments are available from a number of sources, and are generally only open for investors for a short window. Should you wish to discuss the option of investing in a capital protected fund, please contact us and we will advise of suitable investments available at any given time.

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